The Ultimate Guide To imtoken usdt

imToken is a trustworthy Web3 digital wallet reliable by tens of hundreds of thousands, enabling easy access to 35+ main networks which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron.

由于骗子的诈骗套路和手法不断升级,我们自身需要提高对真假官网的辨别能力,确保自己下载是官方正版 imToken。

● Efficiently here handle many accounts across several networks inside a one wallet using a list of mnemonic phrases. Also, generate multiple impartial accounts in the exact same community.

● 支持通过一套助记词在单个钱包内添加不同网络上的账户,和在同一网络上派生多个独立账户

Awful experience, as difficult and as pricey to make use of as possible. Will uninstall as before long I am able to remove my tokens. I do not realize why they have got produced it so tricky to take away tokens off application scammy.

骗子假冒 imToken 市场部门人员联系非小号,将非小号中的 imToken 下载地址篡改为骗子网站,imToken 安全团队发现后已第一时间联系非小号进行修正。

With regards to getting a standard packed with a wallet, imtoken has it throughout all services, I am experiencing these. continue to keep improving.

点击 ???? 或 ????️ 图标后,再点击网站名称,如果提示「连接已加密」或「连接是安全的」则说明该网站安全。

With regards to getting an ordinary stuffed with a wallet, imtoken has it across all solutions, I am experiencing these. retain improving upon.

I’m not heading to pay for $8-25 to check standard functionality and help them do their QA, I’ll just transfer any property I don’t use for DApps to a different wallet. Tech assistance also preferred a screenshot of the blank webpage, as if somehow observing a stable white Area in which the investing interface needs to be will be practical.

security starts with knowing how developers obtain and share your information. information privacy and safety techniques may well differ according to your use, region, and age. The developer provided this info and should update it over time.


are unable to use my harmony to mail tokens, forces me to top up everytime I test do everything. can not deliver btc to any addresses except ledger wallets, nowhere nevertheless has ledger wallets nowadays. Scammy and dreadful to implement tend not to hassle downloading so many other far better and more cost-effective alternatives out ther

钱包创建完成后,你会进入钱包的资产首页。点击左上角的菜单栏即可进入「选择钱包」的页面,在此页面的「创建 / 导入」一栏中可以看到你额外创建的钱包。

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